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What is the Excalibur Invasion?

What is the Excalibur Invasion? The Excalibur Invasion is the Kingdom vs Kingdom battle, in which you'll be able to teleport to another Kingdom and fight with those Lords over the control of Avalon! When does the Excalibur Invasion begin? You can check the Event Center in your City for the Invasion date and the kingdoms your kingdom will fight against. How do I join the Excalibur Invasion? When the event starts you'll be able to teleport to invade another kingdom, however you can only attack a target in the black forest area. To teleport to another kingdom you'll need a new item called 'Invasion Teleport'. Once you’re in their Black Forest you can start to attack or occupy the Towers and Avalon! You'll have to hold Avalon for 8 hours straight to win the battle and become the King. At the end of the battle you will be teleported back to your kingdom at random coordinates. What are the benefits of becoming the King? If you win the Excalibur Invasion as the King, you'll win lots of resources! The King will have the power to reallocate resources from the Excalibur Invasion to others. There are also exclusive skills for the King! Tap on 'Great Hall' from your Embassy to find out more about these skills! How do I use the Kingdom skills? Enter the 'Great Hall' from the Embassy and use the skills with the special items, Royal Coins, which will be added automatically to the counter of all players from the Kingdom when hunting or completing daily quests.