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[MODERATOR GUIDE] Ultimate Alliance Conquest

King Arthur’s most faithful knight has returned to Avalon and seek our help defeating Morgana and bring peace back to Avalon.

Will we succeed and gather enough Clarent Ore to reconstruct the legendary Clarent sword, will we finally resurrect King Arthur himself, and foil Morgana’s evil plot?

Click on the event center and scroll down to alliance conquest.

When the registration period opens the alliance R5 can sign you up.

You have to have an alliance fortress to participate and should your fortress be demolished before the match up you will be disqualified.

Members who leave or join after registration will not be allowed to participate in the event.

When the timer is up you will be matched with alliances from different kingdoms and you will have a set period of time to prepare before the event begins.

When the event begins the alliance will get a fixed amount of Clarent Ores distributed to their fortress, towers and dragon alter. The more buildings you have the more Clarent Ores you will receive.

If one of the alliance buildings is demolished during the event, the Clarent Ores from that building will be distributed to the other participating alliances.

Lords and ladies let's check it out.

When the event begins,

Click on the event icon located above the chat box

Choose the alliance you want to visit and click teleport to go to their hive, once there you can click the event center and see how many Clarent Ores they have in each of their alliance buildings and where they are located.

Click on your prefered target where you will be able to see their alliance benefits, as well as the building minimum and maximum Clarent Ores limit.

Once you have decided which building you want to plunder, click on the building and select your troops to send to the Clarent Ores reserves.

You will not be able to demolish their buildings and farming Clarent Ores will have no effect on the defending alliances garrisoned troops, they can however send troops to defend their Ores so be careful.

You can only plunder Ore from one building at the time but you can help defend the Clarent Ores in as many buildings as you have marches.

At any given time during the plunder you can add troops to maintain a full march in the building and activate mega garrison.

Killed troops will be treated as injured and go to the kingdom hospital.

You will not be able to farm resources or occupy tiles in enemy kingdom, and only those in your conquest will be able to attack you there.

You will not be able to attack other Lords or ladies in the opposing kingdom.

You will not get any points towards the conquest score for killing troops, in addition killing troops will not give you any dragon experience or resources.

When the amount of Ore reaches the protected lowest limit you will no longer be able to plunder that building.

The plundered Clarent Ores will be sent to your own alliance buildings and if you exceed the buildings max, other alliances will get a gathering speed bonus and collect from your buildings with added benefits, Don’t forget to defend your hive.


You will be able to track the opposing alliance members for a period of time

After the conquest, personal and alliance rewards will be available and it’s the alliance rank based on their score that determine how many. The alliance R5 can reward members on the member page,

Good luck on the battlefield.

- Jonetam the Divine