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New Video Event - From 14th May until 16th May at 23:59 GMT

Esteemed Ladies and Lords, 

Life never ends, battles never stop! The Video event has now begun! (Please read the rules first before tapping on the "Get Involved" button) 

1. Upload your video to YouTube channel or Tencent video. 

2. Copy the video link after uploading successfully. 

3. Open the Event by tapping the button in the mail and paste the video link and submit. 

4. The event begins on the 14th of May and will end on the 16th of May at 23:59 GMT. 

5. The final result will be published through system mail on the 24th of May, and the rewards will be sent on the same day. 

*As the "Get Involved"button can only be used once, we will send the mail once per day during the event, in case that players tap on the button by mistake. 

The KoA team will showcase the highlights and publish a collection of the best clips through KOA social media, letting everyone see your strength in battle. 

Good luck! 

The KoA Team