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FAQ of Glorious Calling Event

FAQ of Glorious Calling Event

For active player:

- You can find your invitation code in the Event page

- You can invite Veteran Lords in your Kingdom (through social application such as Line or Facebook group). Once the Veteran Lords download the latest version of King of Avalon and use the invitation code, the Glorious Calling Event will be active.

- You can find inactive Friends or Alliance members on the Veteran Lords page in the Event page.

- When returning Lords sign in and join the Glorious Return event, you will receive free Pack with rewards. Check Pack in Event Page-Calling Chests

- For every day the Lords you’ve called forth are active, you will earn Return Points, enough of which can earn you more prizes! Check this in Event Page-Calling Chests

For returned player:

- You can use an invitation code from a Lord in your Kingdom to join the Glorious Return event while it’s active. Claim the rewards of Glorious Return in the Event page.

- You will get amazing Packs and discounts!

Please notice that:

1. Eligible Lords: Who haven´t logged in for 60 days and a Stronghold level 20 or above (20 included).

2. Code is valid only for the Lords in the same Kingdom.

3. Code will expire when the event ends.