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Kingdom Conquest Introduction

The first "Kingdom Conquest" in King of Avalon is coming! It's the biggest conquest ever!

The Kingdom Conquest is divided into Preliminaries and Finals. Preliminaries include Initial Conquest and Second Conquest, Finals includes Semifinal Conquest and Final Conquest. We will match the successfully registered Alliances into different groups. In every conquest, only the top 1 in the group can move on to the next stage.

The representative Alliance of the Kingdom will join the Kingdom Conquest. Check the Sign Up Rules to see how to join the event. If you are not the representative of the Kingdom, you can support the Alliance you like. If the Alliance moves on to the next stage, you can get rewards too.


Initial Conquest: Sir Kay, Dragon Emblem, Hero EXP. When you win in the Second Conquest, you will get more and better rewards.

When you win in Semifinal Conquest, besides more and better rewards than in the Preliminaries, you will get extra Gemstones.

If you win the title of "Ultimate Champion”, besides the rewards mentioned above, you can get rare Equipment Chests, rare Accolade, rare Skin of your City, and top Intensity Crystals!

The event will start on 20th June (UTC+0), and the estimated end time is 15th July. You can sign-in in the Event page!