King of Avalon

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Make Invasion Great Again

1/- Invaders who teleport themselves outside the black forest will now NOT be attacked (But still can be vulnerable to spells from defenders)

2/- Towers occupation: When the enemies hold the Towers of Avalon, the longer the towers are occupied the higher the frequency of Tower attacks on Avalon will be.

3/- Avalon occupation: The longer and the more buildings your alliance hold the more benefits you will unlock for your defense.

4/- Reinforcements: The Avalon Garrison Leader is now able to speedup reinforcement from allies.

5/- Avalon’s Protection: If your kingdom successfully invades another kingdom (conquer their Avalon) your own kingdom’s Avalon will be under a special protection. When the Avalon’s Protection is activated invaders cannot attack your Avalon or towers anymore.

6/- Avalon’s Protection: If your Avalon is taken by the invaders and you successfully claim it back (victory battle) Avalon’s Protection will be activated for a maximum of 1 hour.

7/- New Rewards: New individual rewards will be unlocked upon helping your Kingdom during the event.

8/- New King Powers: The King will have access to new spells, bigger royal packages, and bigger taxes over conquered Kingdoms! All hail the king!

9/- New Leaderboards: New leaderboards are added with amazing rewards based on individual and alliance activity.