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What is Fire Lands?

Fire Lands is a new

map, available for players with stronghold level 19 or higher, in which they will be able to gather Dragon Fossils from Dragon Nest tiles. Players from different Kingdoms will be able to join the same fire lands and compete against each other to win great rewards.

How to join Fire Lands?

The Fire Land event is an event that can be accessed from the event center by tapping on“Enroll” and paying a 100 gold fee.

Once you have paid the fee you will have to wait for the beginning of next round, you can check the timing from the FireLand Event tab.

When the timer has ended, tap on “ENTER” to be teleported on random coordinates in the Fire Lands map

What to do in Fire Lands?

Your goal is to gather a maximum of Dragon Fossils from Dragon Nest tiles (level 1 to 4),for that simply send troops to gather on the tiles. Players in Fire Lands are ranked based on the number of Dragon Fossils they can gather by the end of the round.

What will happen if I attack other players?

You can either attack another Lord’s city in the Fire Lands, if the lord is defeated his city will be teleported away (random coordinates) and his gathering troops sent back to his city.

Or attack a Dragon Nest occupied by another lord, if you win the battle your remaining troops will start gathering on the tile you conquered.

Fire Lands rules:

1/- The first 3 times you teleport almost anywhere on the map are free, afterwards you must pay a gold fee

2/- You can speed up your march speed 2 times for free then it will start to cost you gold

3/- Troops cannot die in fire lands and it cost 0 rss to heal them. To heal your troops in fire land tap on “Kingdom Hospital” from any of your hospital and then tap on heal.Healing time has been shortened for troops wounded in Fire Lands

4/- You can’t lose or steal resources from battles in Fire Lands

5/- Killing in Fire Lands won’t increase your killing Score in your Kingdom or for Killevent

6/- PeaceShield will protect your city from being attacked and scouted in the Fire Lands

7/- You can teleport back to your Kingdom by tapping on “home” in Fire Lands

8/- Reward are based on your ranking at the end of the round and send directly on yourmailbox.

9/- At the end of the round you will be teleported back to your previous coordinates as long it is still available. If your old coordinates are not available, you will be teleported randomly in your alliance territory.