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Demonic Siege

-Only R4 and above Alliance members can set the start time for the Siege. Setting the start time for the Siege acts as a reminder for Alliance members. -The Siege must still be personally opened at that time. Once the Siege begins, R4 and above Alliance members can open a number of activities. -The activities will reset after a set amount of time. Each Lord can only join a set amount of activities within the event time. -R4 and above Alliance members can choose the difficulty level when they open the Siege. -Once the Siege is open, Alliance members can do battle with Fomorians by entering the Event Map. -Merlin will provide you with the troops needed to fight the Fomorians. -Their March Capacity and benefits will depend on your own Lord benefits. -You can only send one march to your Fortress during the event, and it cannot take the place of another march. -During the Siege, Fomorians will attack your Alliance's Fortress from all directions. Each Fomorian on the map represents multiple enemies that will do battle with Lords once they reach the Fortress. Lords garrisoning the Fortress will do battle with invading Fomorians based on order of troop power. -Lords can only attack one Fomorian each time. Fomorians that are not killed in battle with one Lord will then fight the next Lord. If any Fomorians are not killed then they will march on to your Portal, doing damage to it. -The more Waves you defend against, the more points you'll gain! Your Alliance will gain points and rewards for every Fomorian you slay. If your Portal's health reaches zero, then your Alliance will have lost the defense of the Siege. -At times, Bonus Fomorians will appear on the map. If they are killed before they can flee, then all participating Lords will gain rewards! -After the event, all participating Lords will receive rewards by mail based on Alliance points.