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Nether War

The Nether Realm will test Alliances to the very limit of their power. Only the strong and courageous will prove victorious! 1. When the Nether Realm opens, Alliances will be required to choose their preferred time to battle. Your Alliance can only choose one of the time slots. 2. Only qualified Alliances can enter the Nether War, and only R4 members and Alliance Leaders can register their Alliance for the event. 3. When registration finishes, an opposing Alliance will be matched with your Alliance, and both Alliances can join the battlefield when the Nether War begins. 4. If your Alliance doesn't get matched with an opponent for your chosen time slot, you will be immediately matched with an opposing Alliance when you register for a different battle time. 5. You can gain points for your Alliance by occupying buildings and killing Monsters. The Alliance with the most points will win the battle. Both sides will lose if they finish with equal points. 6. You can find more information about the event and its systems in the Battlefield Help tab. 7. Both Alliances will receive the corresponding Alliance Rewards and Individual Rewards after the Nether War finishes. 8. Completing specific quests in the Nether War will earn you Individual Points, and based on the number of points earned, Individual Rewards will be sent to you by mail after the Nether War finishes. 9. Troops that are injured or slain in Nether War will not affect the number of your troops in Avalon. 10. Your original City in your Kingdom will be protected by a Peace Shield when you enter the Nether War. 11. You can return to your Kingdom anytime during the Nether War, but you have to wait for a while before you can enter the Nether War again. 12. Alliance Spells and Kingdom Buffs will not take effect in Nether War.

13. Players in alliances for less than 24 hours will not be able to join the Nether War.