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[Getting Started] Alliance introduction

Alliances will help you to unite with other Lords and fight against the Cardinal, defend against other players, as well as many other features listed below once you become a member of an alliance.

Benefits of being part of an alliance:
1/- Alliance chat to discuss with your allies
- Make new friends.
- Plan attacks and defenses.
- Help and receive help from allies.
2/- Alliance Knowledge boosts
- Buff multiple stats of your city, troops, alliance.
- Make donation and get rewarded.
3/- Join and start rallies
- Stronger attack power.
- Kill Red Guard Captains.
- Kill Underworld Villains.
4/- Reinforcements troops
- Help allies to defend from enemy attacks.
- Receive troops from allies to defend from enemy attacks.
5/- Trade resources with allies
- Send or receive resources with other allies.
6/- Alliance buildings (access to alliance specific features
- Store and protect your resources in the Alliance Warehouse.
- Heal your wounded troops in the alliance hospital.
- Use the Strategy Center to help your allies, or take advantage on your opponent.
- Collect more resources from alliance farm/lumberyard and mines.
7/- Timer help
- Use your embassy to help allies reducing their construction time, upgrades, researches and healing timer.
8/- Alliance Store
- Access unique store with best offers.

The following information is the frequently asked questions about alliance. You can find more detailed ones in the “game tips” section of the FAQ.

1) Creating or Joining an Alliance

- Tap on the Alliance icon at the bottom of the screen to enter the Alliance interface where you can join or create a new Alliance.

- Low level Castles (Between levels 1 - 5) can create an Alliance for 200 Gold. Castles Levels 6 or higher can create an Alliance for free.

- The language setting for the Alliance is automatically set to the same as the Alliance Leader_s device, but it can be modified at any point.

- If you are creating an Alliance, remember that your name and motto will play a significant role in attracting the kind of Lords you want to join your Alliance.

2) How do I change, leave or disband an Alliance?

- You are only permitted to be in one Alliance at any time.

- To join another Alliance, either tap directly on an invitation which may pop-up on your screen, or tap the Alliance button at the bottom of your screen to view other possible Alliances to join.

- You are free to change Alliances as you please, but you must always leave your current Alliance first. To do so, tap on the Alliance at the bottom of your screen, then go to _Manage_ and tap ‘Leave’.

- Only the Alliance Leader has the power to disband an Alliance. If the leader wants to leave or change Alliances without disbanding it, they must assign another Alliance member as the leader first. To disband an Alliance, tap ‘Alliance’ at the bottom of your screen, then go to ‘Manage’ and tap ‘Disband’.

Remember that strong relationships within an Alliance will form the bedrock of your success.

3 How can I change my Alliance Rank?

Your Rank in the Alliance can only be changed by your Leader or by another member who is two or more Ranks higher than you. If you are two or more Ranks higher than another ally, then you have the power to promote or demote them.
- After tapping on the Alliance icon at the bottom of your screen you can:
- Tap on MEMBERS to view the rankings within your Alliance.
- Tap on Permissions within the MANAGE menu to view what permissions each Alliance Rank has.