Guns of Glory

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[Getting started] Beast introduction

Recently, a strange sickness has gripped the Kingdom. There have been rumors of the dead coming back to life and sightings of terrible beasts.

Beasts can now be found roaming on the Kingdom map. Attack them to collect loot and experience.

How to attack a beast?
From the Kingdom map you can click on the Beast and then tap on “Attack”. Select your army formation and then tap on the “March” button.
You can target more specific types of Beasts around your Castle with the ‘Hunt’ function, available on the bottom left of your screen on the Kingdom map.
*Every time you kill a Beast, stamina will be consumed. The amount of stamina used, depends on the level of the Beast.
*Beast level vary between level 1 and 30 and can be found anywhere on the map. The higher the level the better the reward.
*At first you can only attack a level 1 beast. Once you have defeated a level 1 Beast, you can attack a level 2 Beast, and so on until you_ve reached level 30.
*A battle report is available in the mail system “reports” tab, after each battle with a Beast.