Guns of Glory

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[Getting started] Red Guard Camp introduction

Red Guard Camps will appear temporarily on the Map and are filled with guards devoted to the Cardinal Richelieu.
You must attack with at least one of your allies in a rally (therefore you must be part of an alliance to attack Red Guard Camps). The rewards for victory are great, especially if you carry a Red Guard Key!

How to attack a Red Guard Camp?
From the Kingdom map you can click on a Red Guard Camps, then tap on “Attack”. Select which captain you wish to rally by tapping on the “Rally” button. You can then choose a rally timer (5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour), which will determine when you will march toward the camp and how much time your allies have to join your rally.
You can target more specific camp around your Castle with the ‘Hunt’ function available on the bottom left of your screen on the Kingdom map.
*Every time you kill a Red Guard Captain, you will consume 20 points of stamina.
*Red Guard Captain level varies between 1 and 30 and can be found anywhere on the map. The higher the level, the better the reward.
*When a Captain is killed rewards are sent directly to your inventory.
*If you carry a Red Guard Key in your inventory you will receive a Bonus Red Guard Chest when killing a Red Guard Captain.
* Red Guard Chests and Bonus Red Guard Chests level varies from 1 to 6 based on the Captain level
* Red Guard Keys can be obtained from the Daily Rewards Chest.
* A Red Guard Camp has a limited available time on the map, and will change coordinates at the end of the timer (You can see the remaining time in Red Guard Camp interface).
* Rally reports are available after each rally against a Captain in your mail system. If the Captain is killed you will also receive a reward report.