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This guide is brought to you by GoG Moderator Rosemond of the West
Crown Battle vs. Crown Invasion There are two separate events and we will explore them in more details below.
1) Crown Battle: The Crown Battle is for newer kingdoms and only involves the alliances in that kingdom... after 2 palace wars, the kingdom will be added to the kvk battle pool.
How to find your palace:
To find your palace, simply go out of your city and at the bottom of the screen you will see a Map button. Click on that to see the kingdom map. At the very center of the map you will Find the palace. You can click on that to be brought directly to the Palace.
Alternatively you can click on your great hall and tap on the palace once the Crown Battle has started for your kingdom.
In this example we see that the palace is currently protected. The Palace will remain in protective status until the either the Crown Battle or KvK event has started:
There are also the 4 towers are on all four edges of the palace. After the protection time runs out, your alliance will need to reinforce the palace and the tower.
If your Alliance holds palace for 8 hours, the leader becomes the king. However if another alliance attack and takes control of the palace, the timer will be reset to 8 hours again.
Also another very important point is that the towers will kill troops garrisoned in the palace if it_s not the same alliance that holds both the towers and palace… and they kill a lot!
Battle Tip:
The size of the hall of war of the first person to send reinforcements to the palace and towers will determine the maximum size of troops that can be reinforcing that building. So we recommend that having the strongest/best players in your alliance to be the first one to the buildings.
What is the Great Hall? The Great Hall grants exclusive abilities for the king! The great hall can only be used by the king! Thee king is able to use the kingdom message so set specific messages for everyone to see.
Royal coins: Only the king is able to use them, Royal coins are collected by everyone in the kingdom when they are killing monsters. He can use the coins to cast special skills.
Skill history: Here you can see the list of abilities the king has used in this kingdom.
2) KvK: Kvk is when your kingdom is paired with yup to 3-5 different kingdoms and battle it out for each other_s palace. You can go and attack and hold the enemy kingdoms palace, which will cost you 2000 gold to enter their kingdom, but you also need to consider about defending your own kingdom throne as well. Once you are in the enemy kingdom, you can use random and advanced teleport_s as needed.
  • If your city is outside the black forest, the enemy invaders cannot attack you. They can only attack players inside the forest. However you can attack the invaders of your kingdom regardless if you are in your black forest or not
  • During the KvK if you are defeated in battle inside the forest, you will be randomly ported back to your home kingdom and have to pay the 2k gold again if you wish to go back to the enemy kingdom.
  • If your kingdom loses your throne to another kingdom, your kingdom will lose out on the king benefits and the capturing kingdom will get extra resources and extra king packages to give out to their kingdom (This will not affect the tax rate you pay already)
  • You cannot take reinforcement troops with you from your home kingdom into the kingdom you are invading. If you want to be reinforced, then your allies will have to come with you to the kingdom you are invading
  • If you are invading another kingdom, the other kingdom you are invading can cast offensive and defensive strategies on you. However your alliance and kingdom cannot do the same except for using the strategy disruption skill
How to get to the Kvk Go to the event center and open the Crown Invasion. Here you can see which kingdoms are in the kvk pool with your kingdom.
  • The timer at the top calculates the amount of time left for this KvK pool
  • Tap on the “go to”, you will be taken to the other kingdom’s palace
  • You can only teleport to the other kingdoms during the KvK event
You’ve won, now what? After the dust settles, the king can start to use his new powers. Let’s take a look at the different perks the king can use in his kingdom once they’ve been crowned.
The King of your Kingdom can assign titles out which provide various buffs and or debuffs. Each buff is unique, positive and negative, can be changed every 24 hours if king decides to. All the title buffs and debuffs will disappear after the palace shield drops down for the next Crown Battle or Kvk.
Royal Packages:
Here you can see which packs are available. Note that amount of packs will depend on how many kingdoms you conquer and also dictate how many packages the king can send to one lord.
These are all available packs see what_s in which pack but there is only 1 conqueror pack, 5 defender packs and 15 royal support packs. The color of the equipment chest is not necessarily important. if you get the support pack it_s not always blue equipment, you could get purple or gold equipment as well.
How do Taxes and Kingship work?
If your kingdom invades and defeats the Palace of another kingdom, Your kingdom becomes of the king of their kingdom. Becoming the king of another kingdom also means that you as the king gets to collect tax from the other kingdom.
  • To allocate the resources collected from the taxes, the king simply needs to enter the name of the player who should receive the resource and press on _allocate taxes”.
Kingship Transfer Once kvk is over and your throne is back in protective status, the R5 of the alliance who held your kingdoms throne will have a 2 hour window to transfer the crown to another member of their alliance otherwise they will be the defaulted King.