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[Issues & Accounts] How to solve an issue?

We understand that you are currently experiencing an issue and we express our sincere apologies on this matter. This guide will help us to quickly resolve the issue for you by properly identifying what type of problem you are experiencing.

Step 1: Define the nature of your issue

The first and most important part is identifying what type of issue you are experiencing.
A- Player account issue (e.g. unable to bind your account, lost access to your account, etc)
B- Technical issue (bug, loading, or game crashing)
C- Payment issue
D- Game question (how does a specific feature work? Where can I find this item, etc)
E- Problem with another player

Step 2: Solve your issue

After you_ve defined the type of issue you are experiencing, please follow the steps below:
A- Search for the related FAQ in the different sections or by using the search function. (Tap on the search bar and type any related keyword: account, Airship, alliance, etc…)

B- If a FAQ does not exist for your question or you still have additional questions about a game feature, you can first try asking your allies or in the world chat.

C- If the problem persists, open the FAQ again, from here choose any of the FAQ article and select _Contact Us_ (on the top right of your screen) and please explain in details the nature of your issue. A Customer Service Representative will reply to you as soon as possible.

D- For a problem involving another player, please do the following things:

• If the player is vulgar, is harassing you verbally, or offers illegal services, tap on their portrait from the world chat and then tap _block_.
• If the player portrait is offensive or shocking, tap on their portrait from the world chat and then tap _report portrait_.

Things to keep in mind when contacting Customer Service:
- We will reply you as soon as possible. We apologize for any delay you experience when waiting for a response from someone on our team.
- Customer Service Representatives are human beings (and, as such, always value politeness). They cannot be blamed for bugs in game as they’re not the game developers.
- If you have an awesome suggestion, you can send it to a Customer Service Agent who will forward it to the developers directly.