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[GoG] [EN] Lost Account

Hello Musketeer,

Could you please confirm whether you_ve tried logging into your Google Play/Game Center account or Facebook account linked to your email address to recover your playing account?

If there_s still an issue recovering your playing account then, please let us know the following details of the playing account you wish to recover:
1. Lord name and Kingdom
2. Screenshot of any purchase receipts for that playing account
3. Estate Level
4. Your Airship Name
5. The last time the playing account was logged into
6. The amount of Gold on that playing account
7. The picture which was used as the avatar for that playing account (if any)
8. Language your game was played in

Please note that without this information we will not be able to help and solve the issue. If you need any assistance with retrieving the relevant information, please let us know.

Also let us know the Lord name and Kingdom of the current playing account you_re on, just to ensure we transfer your lost playing account to the right person by transferring it over and replacing your current playing account.(Please note that after transferring you will not be able to access to your current account anymore.)

We_ll also need you to ensure your current playing account is bound to Facebook, Google Play or Game Center so we can complete the transfer safely.

GoG team

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