Guns of Glory

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[Update 1.3] Glory Level

16 Buildings in your estate can have their Glory level increased in order to gain buffs for your army!
The buildings are the following:

- Castle
- Walls
- Barracks
- Stables
- Shooting Range
- Artillery Foundry
- Trap Factory
- Academy
- Embassy
- Forge
- Warehouse
- Munitions Exchange
- Airship Dock
- Hall of War
- Trade Station
- Lookout Tower

Each of these building will unlock the Glory function at level 15. Glory level goes from 1 to 30 and is capped by the level of the building. For example: Castle level 20 can have a maximum Glory level of 20.

To upgrade the Glory level of a building, click on the building, then “GLORY LEVEL”, followed by the “UPGRADE” button.
Here you can also check:
- Your actual Building Glory level
- The benefits of your current Glory level and the benefits of the next Glory level
- How many banners are needed to upgrade to next Glory level

1 building can boost up to a maximum of 3 statsand their buffs are permanent. The number of banners needed for the next upgrade increases with each Glory Level of the building.