Guns of Glory

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[Update 1.4] Airship Changes

Airship Level: The maximum level of the Airship has been extended to 70. 

Airship Skills Level: Some of the advance Airship skills can now be upgraded to level 31.

Airship Skills changes: PVP skills will unlock a second buff at level 22 (both the guardian and assault)

Airship Class Changes: The Airship class can be changed manually from the Airship Dock interface when the requirements are met. The new requirements can be found in the individual character tab. Requirements will change with your airship level.

3 new levels of bonuses have been added per class for Airship levels 41 - 51 – 61

Airship Bonuses now also require a specific amount of Assault or Guardian Components
When your Airship levels up, the class will be changed automatically if the requirements are not met anymore.