Guns of Glory

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What is War Strategy?

War Strategy is a new system for Musketeers to increase their power.

You have to reach Castle level 22 and Hall of War level 22 to unlock this system.

Click Hall of War-- Library of War to check it.

Here you will see 3 different kinds of troops can use the War Stategies. They are Infantry, Distance, and Cavalry.

To enhance power of different troops, you need to meet different requirements for enhancement - also, differing troops' levels will provide different benefits.

1. War Strategies can be activated and upgraded with War Handbooks.

2. War Strategies give various troops different benefits in battle.

3. Use Gold to reset War Strategies. After resetting, you will lose all War Strategy benefits and regain all used War Handbooks.

To learn a War Handbook, you need to reach Hall of War level 22, and collect some War Documents. War Documents can be gained in the Musketeer's Fort.

1. Learning a War Handbook will consume War Documents, resources, and time.

2. The more War Handbooks you learn, the more materials and time will be required.

3. The total number of War Handbooks that you can possess will be decided by your Hall of War level.

4. War Handbooks can be used to activate and upgrade War Strategies, which will greatly increase your Troop Power.