Guns of Glory

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What's Master's Curiosity?

Master's Curiosity is grade 4 Curiosity that carries better attributes.

There are Master's Curiosity of 3 different qualities: Purple, Orange, Gold.

You can find 4 types of Master's Curiosity in our game: The Golden Coin of Lorenzo de' Medici (Sun), Raphael's Palette (Moon), The Star Map of Nicolaus Copernicus (Stars), The Celestial Globe of Leonardo da Vinci (Universe).

Purple Master's Curiosity can be upgraded to Orange Master's Curiosity, Orange Master's Curiosity can be upgraded to Gold Master's Curiosity.

To acquire Master's Curiosity, you need to activate Curiosity Handbook with Master Curiosities Guidebook, then craft Master's Curiosity with Copper Essence and Ebony Essence. Handbook only needs to be activated once for permanently crafting this Curiosity.