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Honor Challenge

Join the Honor Challenge and earn your rewards!

1. The Honor Challenge Event occurs regularly, lasting for 2-4 weeks each time. During the event, Lords earn experience by completing various quests, all of which level up your Pass and earn you rewards.
2. Every Lord will receive a Free Pass at the beginning of the event; you can unlock rewards as your level increases - there are level 30 in all.
3. Lords can unlock the Honor Pass and the Royal Honor Pass at any time, which will earn them an EXP bonus and various rewards. When you unlock / purchase a new Pass, you'll receive all of the rewards from the previous levels.
4. Join the Daily Challenge and the Elite Challenge to earn EXP and level up your Pass. The Daily Challenge resets daily, at which time, all unfinished challenges will also be reset. The Elite Challenge can only be completed once during each round of the event! Join to earn a large amount of EXP.
5. All unclaimed EXP from completed challenges will be stored. You can claim it at any time.