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Kingdom Arms Race

Kingdom Arms Race is an international contest of intellect, skill and tenacity. The games are plentiful, the rewards are extravagant! Join it and demonstrate the martial prowess of your Alliance!

1. Your Castle must be Level 16 or higher and you must join an Alliance to participate. Complete quests in this event to contribute points to your kingdom.
2. Quests must be completed before time runs out.
3. If you abandon a quest, you won't be able to reclaim the quest attempt, choose wisely.
4. Kings, leaders of the alliance that holds the title Ultimate Champion, and their Court Members can send out Bonus Quests when a Kingdom reaches the daily point requirement. R4 Alliance members can also start a Bonus Quest if the King is unavailable.

Alliance Point Bonus:
1. When the Kingdom Arms Race opens, Alliances that score more points than the previous round will receive an Alliance Point Bonus, which gives members of that Alliance more points for completing quests.
2. The Alliance Point Bonus will increase by 1 if you receive more points than the previous round, but it will also decrease by 1 if you receive less points than the previous round.
3. The Alliance Point Bonus will not change during the event.

1. Kingdom Points are the total points of all alliances within the Kingdom.
2. Alliance Points are the total points of all members within your Alliance.
3. Individual Points are the total points that you earned during the event, and they determine the Individual Rewards you receive when the event ends.
4. After the event ends, the Kingdom Ranking will determine the rewards given to the Lords in each Kingdom.