Guns of Glory

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Pirate Chest

Open a Pirate Chest to receive POWERFUL REWARDS! Earn GREAT RICHES by reaching the HIGHEST RANK!

1. The Pirate Chest has two qualities: Gold Pirate Chest and Diamond Pirate Chest. Open it to earn great rewards!
2. Every time you open a chest, you receive rewards and points: 10 points for opening a Gold Pirate Chest, 100 points for opening a Diamond Pirate Chest. Once you have earned 2000 points, you can join the Leaderboards for the event.
3. If you ranked in the Top-10 of all Kingdoms, you will be rewarded with an Eternal Epoch Castle Skin. If you ranked in the Top-10 in your Kingdom, you will be rewarded with a Forgotten Epoch Castle Skin. When Lords have the same number of points, the first Lord to earn that number of points will receive a higher rank.
4. During this event, you can earn free Pirate Chest Keys by hunting beasts, rallying red guard camps, gathering and collecting resources in the city. You can also purchase Pirate Chest Key bundles.