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[Play safe & fair] Always be careful!

You might see through your Kingdom Chat, private mails from some people offering resources, packs or gold…. you may also have noticed that it’s a scam!

All these people are trying to trick players into sharing personal data, like your e-mail account and password.

Furthermore, many of these sites contain keyloggers, Trojans, and viruses which are – you guessed right – not good for your privacy and device safety!

We’d hate for you to fall into this trap, and urge you to stay away from these sites. NEVER share any of your sensitive data with anyone. Not even with Guns of Glory. Staff impersonation is another common scam. A real Guns of Glory employee would never ask for your passwords.
If you think you_ve been the victim of a phishing attack, immediately change your e-mail password and contact the support of your email provider.

Alright, alright - but what is Guns of Glory doing about this?
We know that this is an issue - not just for safety, but also because it is just annoying to see in chat.

We’d like to assure you that we’re working on addressing the problem. In the meantime, please beware the scams!