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Anniversary Hunt

1. The Anniversary Hunt Event Matching was completed at the end of the Update Maintenance on the 3rd of July. Players can only take part in this Event in the Alliance they were at that time.

If you change the alliance during the event, you will need to return to the original alliance to participate in the event. Players can view the original alliance information through the pop-up window on the left side of the hunting activity interface.

2. You can hunt Monsters and rally Barbarian Camps on the Kingdom Map to obtain the pieces of Corrupted Beacon, collects 100 pieces, and synthesizes them to a Corrupted Beacon, which can summon the Stone Sentinel. Players can get up to 20 Stone Sentinel kill bonuses per day, and no more than 20 rewards will be awarded, but they can still accumulate the Skeletal Mage's summoning progress.

3, Upon killing Stone Sentinel your alliance will accumulate progress and increase their Summon Chances.

4. R4 and R5 Alliance members can summon the Skeletal Mage and can initiate a Mega Rally to defeat him.

5. Skeletal Mage has 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Kill the Skeletal Mage in the Easy difficulty first to unlock the next one. In the Hard Difficulty level, The Skeletal Mage is a true challenge for any Alliance. Be sure to use all your power and knowledge to defeat him!

6. The leaderboard shows your alliance Ranking and the different rankings of all the Alliances in your Kingdoms Group.

7. the top ten Alliance in the kingdom will receive the kingdom reward. Kingdom rewards can be accumulated (EG: Your kingdom has 3 Alliances into the top ten, then all players in the kingdom can get 3 rewards).