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Building - Trap Factory

Build Traps for your enemies in the Trap Factory. Different kinds of Traps target different kinds of troop. For example, Dropped Traps target enemy Infantry, Stationary Traps target Cavalry, and Targeted Traps target Bowmen troops. When attacking, Siege troops can be used to destroy Traps and help protect your troops by receiving the brunt of the enemy Trap attack also. Upgrading your Trap Factory will unlock new and more powerful Traps and increase your Trap Capacity. The speed with which your Traps are built can be increased through Research and using Talent Points. When your City is attacked your Traps will be activated automatically. Bear in mind that Traps are only activated when you have one or more troops present. If you have no troops in your City, then the Traps will not work. If you wish to demolish any Traps, go to Defenses in the Trap Factory, select the type of Trap you wish to demolish, and tap the Info icon next to the image. Select the number of Traps you wish to demolish, then hit DEMOLISH. Demolishing Traps will not refund the resources used to build them.