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Goods Exchange

If you have already unlocked the Trading Post and joined an Alliance, you can click on Goods Exchange in the Trading Post. There, you can request and send Items to Alliance members. In the Trading Post, click on Goods Exchange. Then you can see requests made by each Alliance member, as well as requests for specific items. Select the relevant item, and you will have the option to trade it. When you provide assistance to others, your item will be sent to them. You can also request Goods Exchange from Alliance members. Please note: 1. Goods Exchange does not use up a march slot 2. Item Trading within the Goods Exchange is possible only between Alliance members. 3. For Sending Trade requests: There is a limit to the number of requests you can send daily. The Goods Exchange Trade Capacity will increase 100% for Lv.6+ VIP players. 4. Tax: There is no tax in the Goods Exchange. 5. New members of an alliance can use the Goods Exchange immediately.