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Dragon Spirit Arena

The Dragon Spirit Arena is a new event available at stronghold level 15 that will let you fight another Lord's Dragon Spirit and win awesome rewards. From you event center tap on “Dragon Spirit Arena” to access the Dragon Spirit Arena. From the new window, you can fight (by tapping on “fight”) against other Dragon Spirit 5 times a day for free, and then 10 gold per extra fight. Every time you fight you will collect Dragon Spirit Material Chests, with a maximum of 10 per day. You will gain Ranking Points at the end of a fight if you win or draw the battle, but you will lose Ranking Points if you lose the battle. Remember that 1 Season lasts 7 days. Score Rewards The Dragon Spirit Arena offers 7 different sets of awesome rewards based on the Ranking Point you achieve within the season. Simply reach the target to unlock the rewards. These rewards are reset each new season, which means that you can only claim it once per season. Standing Reward The Standing Reward is a global ranking amongst all KoA players. You will receive rewards based on your ranking amongst the other Dragon Spirits, with rewards such as 100,000 gold for the best Dragon Spirit!