King of Avalon

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What's Master's Artifact?

Master's Artifact is level 4 Artifact that carries better attributes.

There are Master's Artifact of 3 different qualities: Purple, Orange, Gold.

You can find 4 types of Master's Artifact in our game: Sir Ector's Mead (Sun), Sir Safir's Scimitar (Moon), Hellawes' Magic Stone (Stars), Tristan's Feather Pen (Universe).

Purple Master's Artifact can be upgraded to Orange Master's Artifact, Orange Master's Artifact can be upgraded to Gold Master's Artifact.

To acquire Master's Artifact, you need to activate Artifact Tomes with Doncaster's Silver Leaf, then craft Master's Artifact with lake gravel and enchanted mist. Tome only needs to be activated once for permanently crafting this artifact.