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Temporary Relics

Temporary Relics are relics which grant you with great benefits during a limited time.
To check out all these Temporary Relics it’s pretty easy- tap on your profile picture, then tap on the left relic icon to go to the Temporary Relics panel. Now tap on 'Go To Store' in the bottom right of your screen. From the Temporary Relic Store you can get an overview of all the new relics. Tap on any of them to discover their unique benefits.
Once you own one of these relics go back to the Temporary Relics panel and simply tap on the one you want to equip and then tap on 'Equip'.
Note 1: These relics are temporary; they can range in effect duration from 2 hours to 30 days. This means that at the end of the timer they will be removed from your inventory.
Note 2: The timer will start at the exact moment you buy the relic.
Note 3: You can equip only 1 Temporary Relic at a time and will only benefit from an equipped relic.