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What are the Prestige Statues?

You can locate the Prestige Statues by tapping on your stronghold and finding the option “Prestige Statues”.

There are 4 different kinds of Statues with 5 different colors: Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Gold. Different Statues will provide different Buffs:

Lion – All-Troops Buff

Bear – Infantry Buff

Wolf -- Cavalry Buff

Eagle — Bowmen Buff

Fragments of Prestige Statues can be obtained from the Undead Trader or specific packages. You can summon another Statue from a Raw Statue through the Summoning Altar. The Statues will go into your Statues Armory and can be used in “Embed Statues.” You can use Statue Material, which can be obtained by dismantling other Statues, to level-up the Statues.


1. Not all Prestige Statues can be embedded into any Building.

2. The extra benefits are linked with your Prestige Level. You will see 3 dots on the left-side of your Statues. Reaching Prestige Level 10/15/20 will unlock these benefits, and the dot will turn green.