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Resonance & Smith's Mark

1. Set Resonance


Set Resonance Bonus:

Currently Set Resonance Bonus including: Ice Lord Set, Deathseeker Set, Dragon Tamer Set, Abundance Set, Warmonger Set, Fortune Set.

The Set Resonance has 3 different Bonuses that are activated when equipping 2, 4 and 6 pieces equipment of the same Set.

To check if your Resonance Bonus is activated you can open the equipment details tab from your profile.

To check all Sets and Set Resonance Bonus available in the game you can open the Forge tab and click on equipment scroll. Only the equipment with a Set Resonance Description are part of a set and can receive Set Resonance Bonus.


Set Enhancement Resonance Bonus:

A Set Enhancement Resonance Bonus will only be triggered from a full Set when all pieces of the set are enhanced. The Set Enhancement Resonance Bonus will apply to the Resonance Bonus and not the Equipment Bonus.

You can check your current Set Enhancement Resonance Bonus and how to unlock the next one from your Forge, Enhancement tab.

2. Smith's Mark

Wearing 6 pieces of Equipment bearing the Smith's Mark will activate special benefits. You can check it out via Player's Profiles by tapping on the Sword in the Stone brand above the relic button. Sets with Special benefits won't receive Set Resonance Bonus.

Current available set forged by House of Smith: Flamebringer Set.