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How can I protect my troops?

The easiest way to protect your troops is to use a Peace Shield. This prevents enemies from attacking or scouting your City. Note that any troops you have outside of your City that are gathering, reinforcing, or encamping will not be protected!
If your City is under attack and you don’t have a Peace Shield, you have a couple of other options. Firstly, you can choose to send your troops out of the City to encamp on a nearby or distant tile. Be careful where you send them because these troops will also be vulnerable to attack when they are encamping. You can also send them to a distant resource tile for gathering, or as reinforcements to an ally. Another option is to use a Teleport to change your location on the map.
Using your Alliance or Beginner’s Teleport to move next to your allies is a good way to reduce your chances of being attacked as there is strength in numbers.
Building and upgrading more Hospitals will enable you to heal more wounded troops and reduce your losses during battle.