King of Avalon

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Your army is composed of four different types of troops: Infantry, Cavalry, Bowmen and Siege. They are trained in your Barracks, Stables, Range and Siege Workshop respectively. Within each troop type there are a further two categories of troops. The different types of troops have different strengths and characteristics. Infantry Your Infantry troops are your foot soldiers. They are divided into Warriors and Spearmen. Warriors have an increased defense against Archers. Spearmen have an increased defense against Light Cavalry. Both act as shields for your other troops because of their high Health and Defense properties. They should be a priority when training your army. Cavalry Your Cavalry troops are your soldiers on horseback. They are divided into Heavy Cavalry and Light Cavalry. Heavy Cavalry have an increased Attack against Warriors. Light Cavalry have an increased Attack against Archers. It is worth noting that Cavalry troops have the fastest march speed. Bowmen Your Bowmen troops are able to strike from distance. They are divided into Archers and Crossbowmen. Archers have an increased attack against all Cavalry and Siege troops. Crossbowmen have an increased attack against Spearmen. Archers can attack troops positioned behind the opponent’s Infantry. Siege Your Siege troops are your vehicles of war. They are divided into Battering Rams and Distance Sieges. Battering Rams help protect your troops by absorbing the brunt of the opposition Trap Attack. Distance Sieges have an increased attack against Traps. Due to their size, Siege troops have the slowest marching speed but can also carry the largest resource load.