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How do I attack Monsters?

The Kingdom Map is infested with Morgana’s Monsters. Slay them to obtain rewards! You must defeat a lower-level Monster before you can challenge higher-level ones. The higher the level of Monster, the greater the loot.
To attack, tap on the Monster of your choice. Note the Recommended Troop Power level and choose your troops accordingly. You will receive a mail detailing the fight and the loot gained.
You will receive bonus First Kill rewards the first time you defeat a Monster of each higher level.
A small number of troops may be wounded during the fight. If so, they will enter your Hospital automatically depending on your Wounded Capacity.
Your Dragon Skills, Talent Points and other bonuses will increase the power of your army above the stated Troop Power so you may be able to overcome Monsters even if your Troop Power is less than the recommended amount.
Repeatedly killing Monsters is a great way to acquire Gold and amass resources which will be protected from looters. It also offers you the chance to obtain dropped items and is a good way to increase your Lord EXP, Dragon EXP, and Assault Power.