King of Avalon

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How to Train Your Dragon

Your Dragon is a formidable fighting force and cannot be killed by the weapons of man! Upgrading the Dragon enhances the combat effectiveness of your troops, your march capacity, and your gathering skills. These abilities are divided into Assault Skills and Guardian Skills. You can upgrade an Assault Skill by investing Assault Power, or by using Guardian Power to upgrade a Guardian Skill. Leveling Up Your Dragon You can kill monsters, gather resources, or kill the troops of enemy players to gain Dragon EXP. The Dragon also learns from you, so even if the Dragon is not in the march it will still gain EXP. Assault Power & Guardian Power Killing monsters and enemy troops will gain Assault Power. Gathering resources and defending against enemy troops will gain Guardian Power. The balance between the two types of power will affect the personality of your Dragon. The higher the level of Assault Power the more powerful the Assault Skills but lower the level of Guardian Power, and vice versa. Assigning Dragon Skills Dragon skills can be assigned in the ASSIGN SKILLS interface. Assign the skills in the Attacking, Defending, Gathering, Monster Attacking tabs according to the aims of your march. Note that when you assign a skill it will only take effect within that function. For example, if you assign a skill which boosts the defense of your Infantry when attacking, this will have no effect if you are defending.