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[MODERATOR GUIDE] The Spirit Altar

Morgana is plotting to destroy Avalon and Lady of the lake seeks your help to stop her evil plans. This guide is brought to you by Jonetam the Divine. Lords and Ladies let’s check it out. To build the spirit altar your alliance needs to be level 5 or above and only the R5 can place it within the alliance boundaries. Once placed, send troops to construct and when it is completed you can access the features by clicking directly on the altar building on the kingdom map or by accessing it through the alliance homepage. The altar has multiple functions and comes with an alliance altar store, new achievements and leaderboards. Click spirit altar to access the the functions: As an alliance you have to work together and once a week you can choose a different strategy and summon a spirit from one of the great Avalon heroes. Each strategy will help you grow in different aspects of the game and can only be changed once a week. Alliance celebration Every week your alliance will have to complete different tasks to earn alliance celebration points, this will add to the weekly leaderboard and unlock celebration chests. The rewards contains both spirit stature and ceremony crystals as well as personal rewards based on this weeks summoned spirit. You will have a set number of points needed to unlock the celebration chests and each member will have an upper limit to the number of points they can gain. Only members who scored required points during the week will be eligible to collect the rewards (requirements will change with every Rewards Chest). Every week the altar spirit and celebration points will be reset and members will be unable to claim rewards that haven’t been unlocked. Spirit ceremonies To host a ceremony you need Spirit coins and your alliance members will have a set time limit to donate smoke to help you complete it. Smoke can be obtained through Barbarian chests, fallen knights, portal monster, alliance spirit achievements and weekly rewards. Ceremonies gives both a personal reward of your own choice and will help you grow in the direction you desire as well as alliance rewards. Every completed ceremony will gives spirit stature, that will add to the total on the leaderboard. As well as ceremony crystals that is needed to add items to the spirit store. Alliance members who donated to the ceremony will receive spirit coins to use in the spirit store. Should you be unable to complete the ceremony within the timeframe your alliance rewards will be reduced proportional to how much it was completed. Personal rewards will not be affected. Spirit achievements After building the spirit altar your alliance will earn special achievements as well as earn both alliance and personal rewards. The achievements can only be earned while the altar exists and only once. Leaderboards The spirit altar comes with 2 new leaderboards one for celebration points and this will reset weekly. And another for alliance stature, this will not be reset and it shows the alliances who earned the most stature over time. Spirit alliance store To access the store click on the store icon in the alliance homepage. Only R4 and above will be able to use ceremony crystals to add items to the store where all members will be able to use spirit coins to buy the added items You can also sell items from your inventory to earn spirit coins.