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What are the Dragon Spirit Talents and Skills?

By distributing the Dragon Spirit Talents you can evolve your Dragon Spirit into 3 different kinds of fighter: Berserker, Knight or Mage!

A Berserker focuses more on damage and is considered DPS-based. A Knight is more defense focused and is considered tank-based, while a Mage is focused on magic damage. Spirit Talents can be increased when leveling up your Dragon Spirit.

Dragon Spirit is leveled up with Experience, which can only be obtained from Dragon Spirit EXP items. These items can be obtained from packages, chests in the Forbidden Labyrinth, rewards from the Forbidden Labyrinth ranking (Bravest Explorers) and also from the Auction House!

There is a set of Spirit Skills and these skills are unlocked automatically depending on the level of your Dragon Spirit. Keep an eye on it from time to time to see your progress.

You may also want to check the University and do Research for your Dragon Spirit in order to gain more bonuses!