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What is Dragon Spirit and where do I find it?

Your Dragon Spirit will be activated when your dragon reaches level 10. Tap on the Spirit Chamber in your city and you can choose from a male or female character. You only have one chance to choose and you cannot change the gender after selection! You can also rename your Dragon Spirit should you wish. The Dragon Spirit feature contains two main parts: Dragon Spirit itself and the Forbidden Labyrinth. The Dragon Spirit has its own Talents, Skills and Equipment system. The Forbidden Labyrinth is the dungeon system where you take your Dragon for fighting! After invoking your Dragon Spirit, the entrance of the Forbidden Labyrinth will also be unlocked. You can view your Dragon Spirit directly from the Spirit Chamber (the white and blue building just left of your watchtower). You'll find the entrance to the Forbidden Labyrinth between the Event Center and the Dragon Lair.