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Forbidden Labyrinth 2.0

1. Defeating enemies in the Forbidden Labyrinth will earn you Ancient Coins and Dragon Spirit EXP, as well as the chance to get Dragon Spirit Equipment Materials. Ancient Coins can be exchanged for riches at the Undead Trader.

2. Exploring the Labyrinth consumes your Dragon Spirit's Stamina. Stamina will recover automatically over time or can be recovered more quickly through Stamina Potion or purchases.

3. Passing all Floors in a Section will unlock a Section Chest filled with plentiful rewards!

4. Ordinary Floors in the Labyrinth can only be cleared once, but Special Floors can be challenged again even after you clear them. You can also choose to Plunder Special Floors (this function is unlocked by clearing Floor 2-5) to get rewards instantly. Each Floor can only be cleared (whether normally or through Plunder) a set number of times in a day. The clear times will reset once a day.

5. The Forbidden Labyrinth is unlocked by completing the Epic Quests.

6. You can choose to Step Out of a Floor at any time. Your progress will be saved and your rewards sent to your Inventory.

7. Every week, Ranking Rewards will be awarded based on progress through the Labyrinth. The ten bravest explorers will win incredible rewards!

8. The old Forbidden Labyrinth related items could change for Stamina Potion:

60m Labyrinth Cooldown Speedup *1 could change for Small Stamina Potion *1

3h Labyrinth Cooldown Speedup *1 could change for Small Stamina Potion *1

6h Labyrinth Cooldown Speedup *1 could change for Medium Stamina Potion *1

Instant Labyrinth Cooldown *1 could change for Large Stamina Potion *1

Dragon Spirit Recall *1 could change for Small Stamina Potion *1