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How do I get free gold?

There are many ways to get free Gold in the game. Please see below: 1. Complete Achievements To see the list of the achievements you can complete to get Gold, tap on your 'Player profile' and then tap on the medal icon in the bottom right of the screen. 2. Complete certain quests For example, you may complete Epic Quests to get free Gold. 3. Join an Alliance for the first time When joining an Alliance for the first time, you will receive a certain amount of Gold and 2 Alliance Teleports. Note: you will not get a further amount of Gold or any more Alliance Teleports if you join an Alliance again. 4. Make a deposit in the Vault To make a deposit and earn Gold as interest, tap on the Vault in your city and select a deposit plan which best fits your needs. 5. Hit the Jackpot To try your luck with the Crystal Ball- tap on the Tavern and enter the Crystal Ball. 6. Try your fortune in the Tarot Reading To do this, tap on the Tavern and visit the Fortune Teller. While spinning the Zodiac Wheel, you have a chance to be invited to the Tarot Reading and to win Gold. 7. Join the in-game events You can see the current and future events in the Event Center next to the Dragon Lair. Join in the events and reach the target points to win Gold. 8. Merlin’s Gift Merlin can grant you many useful items including Gold. Merlin's Gift will appear from time to time next to the Daily Shipment area. Remember to turn on notifications for Merlin's Gift to claim it on time. 9. Obtain Gold in the Black Market If you happen to be a King, you can use a King skill named ' Black Market Contacts' to exchange Royal Coins for Gold in the Black Market. To use the skill, go to the Kingdom map and tap on the Great Hall icon in the lower left corner. 10. Claim Gold from system mails Remember to check your system mail regularly and you will always find small surprises and useful information from the KoA Team in the system mails. 11. Participate in community events You can find many events with great rewards from our official community channels. To join them, go to your Player profile and tap on the Settings button. Tap on the Community icon and the list of our official community channels will pop up. 12. Alliances Gift Chests and Lord Gift Chests are both available from your alliance "Gift Chests" tab. You need to be part of an Alliance for at least 24 hours before you can receive these.