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[Update 1.5] Spirit Mines

The Spirit Mines is a mine created by the Cardinal, and it´s available in your estate next to your Daily Shipment. Compete with others from different kingdoms and trade Lazarus Crystals for amazing rewards!

Spirit Mines
Each floor is protected by one guardian that you must defeat. Once you’ve defeated the guardian you can move to the next level. The deeper you go into the mine, the more crystals you can get.
  • Troops are provided by Doctor, your troops are not used in the Spirit Mines
  • The march capacity is based on your Castle level and your current PvP benefits
  • Your Lord and Airship buffs apply in the Mine
  • Troops killed in the Spirit Mines will affect the amount of troops you can use in the Mining Area
Spirit Benefits
At the bottom of each level there is a “Buy Benefits” button. Here you can purchase benefits to help you in your fight against the guardian and in battles in the Mining Area. Please note the following:
  • Each time you defeat a floor’s Guardian, you can buy one Benefit
  • Each benefit can only be used once and can only be purchased one
  • Only the “restore march capacity” can be purchased on each floor
  • Each benefit bonus will increase as you progress deeper into the Mine
  • All Benefits bought in the Spirit Mines also apply in its Crystal Quarries.

After you complete the first floor you can also start to gather crystals from the Mining Area. You can still get crystals by progressing deeper in the mine, but there is also more risk. Note for the Crystal Quarries:
  • Once you enter the Crystal Quarries, you can’t return to your previous location in the Spirit Mines.
  • Each time you enter the Crystal Quarries you will have a set period of time to gather Crystals. Once the time is up, you will be taken out of the Mines
  • You cannot conquer Mines occupied by other players in the Protected Area of the Crystal Quarries
  • Losses endured in the Crystal Quarries will not affect your Estate’s troops, but will affect your troops’ Recovery time in the Spirit Mines.
  • Once your troops’ Recovery time reaches a certain level, you won’t be able to occupy Mines, attack other players, or take Revenge until their Recovery time goes back down to 0
  • You cannot reset the Spirit Mines while you are occupying Crystal Quarries outside of the Protected Area.
  • If a Mine you are occupying is conquered by another player, you will lose some of the Crystals you’ve gathered from it. You can regain them by successfully taking Revenge
At the top left side of the Spirit Mines you can redeem your hard earned crystals for amazing rewards.