Guns of Glory

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Musketeer's Fort

1. The Musketeer's Fort will open regularly. Your Musketeer's Fort will be activated once you set your defending troops.
2. The Doctor will provide the troops you use in the Musketeer's Fort. The troops you use here will not affect your Estate's troops and will contain Infantry, Distance, and Cavalry. Their level will be determined by the highest troop level you've unlocked in your Estate, and their march size you will be determined by your March Capacity.
3. The Musketeer's Fort will generate basic resources and Ranking Trophies that you can collect once you activate it.
4. The more Ranking Trophies you earn, the higher your Rank for the Musketeer's Fort will be.
5. Higher Ranks will provide faster resource production speeds, greater Protection Limits and Storage Limits, and better Daily Rewards and Season Rewards.
6. You can also send your troops to loot other Lord's resources in the Musketeer's Fort, and winning enough victories will earn you more Ranking Trophies.
7. You will lose a certain amount of resources that aren't under Protection after being looted. You can take Revenge to get back your lost resources.
8. If you looting troops are defeated, recovery time will be added for them. You will be forced into a Cooldown where you cannot loot other Lords if your recovery time goes too high.
9. You can check battle results through the Battle Log. You can also check which Lords have looted you to take Revenge upon them.
10. If you attempt to take Revenge upon a target and fail, there will be a short wait before you can challenge them again.