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How do I get free Biocaps?

There are a number of ways to obtain Biocaps in the game.

Please see below:

1. Join an Alliance for the first time. When joining an Alliance for the first time, you will receive a certain amount of Biocaps plus two Alliance Relocators.

Note: you will not get a further amount of Biocaps or any more Alliance Teleports if you join an Alliance again.

2. Make a deposit in the Incubator To make a deposit and earn Biocaps as growth, tap on the Research Lab in your Settlement, then Incubator, and select a scheme which best fits your needs.

3. Join the in-game events You can see the current and future events at the Events Billboard. Join in the events and reach the target points to earn Biocaps.

4. Claim Biocaps from system mails Remember to check your system mail regularly and you will always find small surprises and useful information from the SoS Team in your mailbox!