State of Survival

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Your army is composed of three different types of troops: Infantry, Riders and Hunters. They are trained in your Barracks, Garage and Range respectively.

Within each troop type there are a further two categories of troops. The different types of troops have different strengths and characteristics.


Your Infantry troops are your foot soldiers. They are divided into Shields and Shotguns. Shields have an increased defense against Bows. Shotguns have an increased defense against Riders. Both act as shields for your other troops because of their high Health and Defense properties. They should be a priority when training your army.


Riders are divided into ATVs and Bikers. ATVs cause increased Damage against Infantry. Bikers cause increased Damage against Hunters. It is worth noting that Rider troops have the fastest march speed.


Your Hunter troops are able to strike from distance. They are divided into Snipers and Bows. Snipers cause increased Damage against Riders. Snipers can sometimes directly attack Riders positioned behind the opponent's Infantry. Bows cause increased Damage against Infantry.