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How do I use Relocators?

There are 4 kinds of relocators in the game: - Rookie Relocator - Advanced Relocator - Random Relocator - Alliance Relocator.

All of them can be used to relocate your Settlement to another location, but the options for relocation as well as the methods to use them are different.

How to use a Rookie Relocator: To use, enter the State that you wish to relocate to and tap on any location in the State. Hit Relocate and confirm, and you will be assigned random coordinates in this new State. If you are in an Alliance you cannot use a Rookie Relocator.

How to use an Alliance Relocator: Select the Alliance Teleport in your Backpack and tap USE. The system will automatically select an available location near the Alliance Headquarters. If there is no HQ then a location near the Alliance leader will be chosen. Hit RELOCATE and your Settlement will be moved. Your Alliance leader can also send a Relocate invitation to you, but remember that accepting an invitation doesn't ensure a free relocation.

You'll need an Advanced Relocator/Alliance Relocator item or Biocaps to relocate this way. A Random Relocator or Rookie Relocator cannot be used to relocate within your Alliance's territory. Please note, the Alliance Relocator does not permit you to choose your own location!

How to use an Advanced Relocator: If you have an Advanced Relocator in your Backpack, tap on your desired location in the Wilderness then hit 'Relocate'. You can then drag your Settlement to the exact location needed. Four full tiles are needed for the relocation to be successful. When all four tiles are highlighted in green, you can tap RELOCATE and your Settlement will be relocated.

How to use a Random Relocator: To use, go to your Backpack, tap on the Random Relocator and hit 'USE' to be relocated to random coordinates on the map.