Guns of Glory

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What is Curiosities?

In the left side of the Estate, a brand new Cabinet of the Curiosities has been erected. Upon tapping on it, you can access the brand-new Curiosities Feature interface. 

 You will notice 4 types of slots (Sun, Moon, Stars, Universe) , 8 slots in total. Slot types that share a type with a Curiosities can be equipped. As you upgrade your Estate, slots will be unlocked one-by-one. 

 Additional information about crafting Curiosities: 

1.You can get the Curiosities Material Bundle through Deals of the Day and ordinary packages.

 2.Curiosities Guidebook can be obtained through Night Siege, Shooting Gallery, Creation Arena and other Packages. 

3.Use Curiosities Guidebook to activate an Curiosities Handbook. 

4.Use Copper Essence and Ebony Essence to craft Curiosities. 

 Curiosities can be equipped in slots corresponding to activate their benefits, and the slots will be unlocked based on your Estate Level. 

Curiosities can be Crafted using Curiosities Handbook that must be activated. Once activated, a Handbook can be used to Craft multiple Curiosities without being consumed. Curiosities can also be dismantled for materials used to Craft or Enhance other Curiosities. Basic-level Curiosities can be obtained through Curiosities Handbook. Purple-level Curiosities can be Enhanced to Orange, and Orange-level Curiosities can be Enhanced to Gold.